Government College of Education (1965), Bhandara
Name of Internship Schools
SN Course Name of School Latter and Date of Permission
1 B.Ed. Jakatdar Kayanshala and Jr College, Bhandara JKS/HM/232/2010 date 23/07/2016 Head of School
2 B.Ed. Lal Bahadur Sahstri Jr College Bhandara Principal/HM/SA/JA/MT/ST/JCT/348/2016 date 4/11/2016 Head of School
3 B.Ed. Nutan Maharashtra Vidayala, Bhandara Re No 2895/2016 Date 15/01/2016 Head of school
4 B.Ed. Nutan Kanya Vidayala & Jr College, Bhandara HM/NKV/269/2016 Dated 08/01/2016 Head of School
5 B.Ed. Bhagirath Bhashkar School, Bhandra Re No HM/DBV/168/2016 Date 15/01/2016
6 B.Ed. Prakash Highschool Karada, Bhandara Rf No Internship/PH/389/2016 date 07/01/2016 Head of School
7 B.Ed. Z.P. HighSchool Warthi, Bhandara Raod, Bhandara RF No 52 dated 23/07/2010 Head of School
8 B.Ed. Navaprabhat Highschool and Jr College, Warthi Road, Bhandara Head of School 09/11/2016
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